hi, friend! welcome to my little nook on the web. i'm grateful for your visit, and i wish you ease, abundance, wellness, and joy amidst it all. may softness find you and sweetness favour you. 

five things you will find in my heartwork

1. vulnerability as a portal.
2. hope as the antidote.
3. love as the promise of all possibility.
4. anything we're told to not talk about.
5. my life as copy.

five things to share in this moment

swimming in my mind: remembering mr. rogers (1994/1997) | charlie rose
a salve for my spirit: how to survive the end of the world (podcast)
holding my heart close: illuminations: a newsletter by giselle buchanan
returning to on the regular: norah jones is playing along (podcast) 
tenderness on repeat: kaïa kater: npr tiny desk concert

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