below are personal testimonials from a few of v. t. nayani's trusted peers and collaborators. their kind offerings provide a glimpse of what it both looks like and feels like to work with her.

Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs | Writer, Actor


My name is Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs and I am a queer, Kanien’kehá:ka Mohawk actress and writer. As an artist in the industry, you live and die for the opportunity to collaborate with fellow talents, and when you find them, you nurture and support the relationship to the best of your ability. I’m thrilled to be writing this letter of support for V. T. Nayani, because she is one of the most dedicated and talented creative artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Back in 2016, Nayani and I were introduced through mutual friends, where she told me the rough premise of her debut feature film This Place, and I immediately knew I needed to be a part of it. The film’s success depended on intricately handling the storylines from each of our cultures, while also navigating an ambitious script on a micro-budget. The film deals with intimate subject matter and required not only a leader of exceptional talent, but an artist with resiliency, determination, and extreme intelligence. Despite it being her debut feature, V. T. Nayani met all of those criteria, and during the production of the film she far exceeded our expectations. Her writing is sensitive and insightful. Her point of view is essential. As a director, she is assured and has a keen eye for design and detail. She is truly a rare talent that I have had the privilege of working with and I hope to continue working with her in the future.

Kaïa Kater | Composer, Songwriter

What I admire most about working with Nayani is both her incredibly dynamic leadership and her collaborative ease. In 2021, Nayani invited my colleague Deanna H. Choi and I to provide the musical score for her film The Love We Made. She welcomed and encouraged our musical ideas, while simultaneously providing a clear vision of what she wanted the film to sound like. Nayani brings a perceptive eye to her projects; she consistently gave us direct and constructive feedback on each consecutive cut we scored. Most of all, we always felt so valued and respected by Nayani and her team. I would jump at the chance to work with Nayani again. 

Temilola Adebayo | Producer

I had the lovely opportunity of meeting Nayani through the CFC Film Program in January 2021. I instantly knew this was someone I wanted to collaborate with, and more importantly, develop a personal relationship with. We eventually collaborated on the short film The Love We Made and the experience was amazing. Nayani is very talented, which is apparent in the work she does. But I also appreciate the care she takes with the cast and crew on every production she's involved in. Nayani is the most heartfelt director I've met. There is no "small position" in her eyes. She always makes sure everyone feels seen and heard.

Abubakar Khan | Producer

I had the pleasure of witnessing V. T. Nayani work her magic on a short film I produced. She masterfully set the stage for a vulnerable and highly safe set that I have yet to be a part of since our shooting days. Her empathy, kindness, and vision laid the foundation for the rest of the crew to get behind fully. I would highly recommend working with her. I hope that more people get to witness what it feels like to be seen by V. T. Nayani.

Malaika Hennie-Hamadi | Actor

Working with Nayani has been such a beautiful and gratifying experience. Her passion, light and professionalism motivates her peers to feel comfortable and inspired to dig deeper into their craft. As an actress, I am so incredibly grateful to her for allowing me to delve into my own art, push me to new heights and exceed the limits I didn’t think I could cross. Nayani is a gift, and anyone who works with her will be privileged to witness her dedication and magnificence.

Golshan Abdmoulaie | Writer, Artist

Working with V. T. Nayani over the past 7 years has been transformative for me. Her approach to filmmaking and storytelling is done with pure discernment. On set and in life, she is not only a conscientious leader, but also a passionate and intelligent creative force.

Hazel Lee | Cinematographer

Uplifting all of her collaborators, Nayani's creative approach is of the collective. Moving with great diligence, consideration, and empathy, it is rare to be led by a voice quite like hers.

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