L'Oréal Paris X TIFF #WomenMakeCinema

Excerpt: "L’Oréal Paris has partnered with the Toronto International Film Festival ® to celebrate and spotlight female voices in the industry because we believe #WomenMakeCinema. Discover how these five Canadian women pioneers are empowering and inspiring other women in the industry."

Women in Film: Spotlight on V. T. Nayani

Auburn Lane
December 10, 2020

When it comes to representation in Canadian film & television, V. T. Nayani knows that “the industry needs us more than we need them”

She Does the City
October 7, 2020

'You tend to believe and accept that you're invisible:' Three Canadian women pushing for more diverse, inclusive filmmaking

Yahoo News
September 19, 2020

No, TIFF digital screenings don’t mean unlimited available tickets. Here’s why

The Toronto Star
September 11, 2020

No More Nice Girls: Gender, Power, and Why It’s Time to Stop Playing by the Rules

Written By Lauren McKeon
The Walrus Books & House of Anansi
Published: March 3, 2020
V. T. Nayani was featured in Chapter 7: I See You Now.

Excerpt: "For Nayani, inclusive and authentic storytelling doesn’t mean making space within existing institutions; it means helping people to create their own spaces and to create them everywhere. “I will make a very different film from another Tamil girl from Vancouver or Montreal or even the other side of Scarborough,” she said, adding that all those voices together will help to reimagine different futures — to reimagine stories about Black, Indigenous, and other people of colour not necessarily as singular narratives of oppression, prejudice, and racism, but also as stories about people who thrive, love, and have joy. Let’s instead feed into the idea of abundance, she stressed. Let’s work toward a future in which everybody recognizes that these stories deserve space to be told. Let’s dream up new worlds, she said, that allow us to be seen how we’d like to be seen and invent how we’d like our lives to look."

The Feminifesto Podcast: Episode 34 - V. T. Nayani

The Feminifesto Podcast
February 14, 2020

CBC Marketplace: Shady Business

CBC Marketplace
February 7, 2020
(Feature Interview @ 19:50 Mark)

RBC extends TIFF content program

Media in Canada
September 9, 2019

From Bed-Stuy to Scarborough: How Spike Lee influenced generations of Canadian filmmakers

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