THIS PLACE (Post-Production)

Director, Co-Writer, Producer // Through two families complicated by love and loss, THIS PLACE follows the journeys of those living in the liminal space between worlds. At the centre of it all remains two daughters, a fateful pair of young lovers, who find home again alongside each other. 

Produced by Mutuals Pictures and Hometeam Films, with the generous financial support of Telefilm Canada, CBC Films, CFC/Netflix Accelerator, Station 369, Aspeth, Ontario Arts Council, and Inside Out's RE:Focus Fund.


Director, Writer // Following an unexpected loss, two lovers struggle to find the right words to share between them. Witnessed through moments of both private joy and grief, their story reflects the uniquely heartbreaking nature of a miscarriage and what can be lost amidst this type of loss.

 Produced by Temilola Adebayo and Abubakar Khan, executive produced by the Canadian Film Centre.


Director // When Libbie, a trans woman, is asked out by a handsome, charming stranger, she battles with disclosing her trans identity - only to learn he has something to reveal too. 

Written by and starring Kiley May; produced by Fonna-Tasha, Joanna Swan, and Kiley May; executive produced by Braided Sisters Productions. World Premiere: 2021 imagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival.

LOOK AT US NOW (2019) by Tanika Charles

#MISSAMERICA (2018) by Sway Clarke
Winner: Best Music Video, 2019 Black Femme Supremacy Film Festival (Baltimore, MD)

WHAT SHOULD I DO? (2020) by bahia | Co-directed with my dear friend and comrade, Yasmine Mathurin.

TELL ME SOMETHING by Tanika Charles

TIME TRAVELER (2018) by Witch Prophet feat. Lido Pimienta (2018)


Director V.T. Nayani's first feature documentary explores the issue of shadeism, the discrimination based on skin tone between members of the same community. This issue around shade, of certain skin tones being considered "better" than others, was never missing from conversation while growing up for Nayani - she could feel its constant presence in conversations among family and friends. Alongside her friends and family, Nayani begins to recover and re-imagine what beauty means for Black, Indigenous, and other women of colour globally. This film looks at where shadeism comes from, how it directly affects women-identified people, and explores how we can move forward together. 

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