swimming in my mind: remembering mr. rogers (1994/1997) | charlie rose

warming up my heart: how to survive the end of the world (podcast)

holding my spirit close: annika is dreaming

tenderness on repeat: rihanna - lift me up

my name is v. t. nayani (nine-knee) and i am a big kid with abundant dreams of creating boundless heart work. i am somewhere between a fairy and a mermaid, and i believe deeply in the magic of imagination and love. as a working artist and storyteller, i am dedicated to helping co-create narrative archives and thoughtfully imagining new worlds on screen - across cinema, television, and digital playgrounds. i am also the amma of mutuals pictures, a production home rooted in mutual support, which is dedicated to holding tender space for new waves of stories and amplifying fresh voices on screen. 

through my heartwork, based in both lived realities and multiple imaginations, i explore what it looks and feels like to come of age, at every stage of one's lifetime. at the centre of my craft is care, tenderness, and compassion. with all of my soft heart, i deeply and wholly enjoy spending my days and nights make believing dreams come true on screen, in community and alongside all my comrades. i am ever-grateful to my beloved ancestors, elders, guides, and family (both blood and chosen), for helping ensure that i continue to reach the here, now, and beyond. (for official bio, please click here)

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