i am the daughter of two mighty-spirited and tender-hearted tamil refugees. as members of a persecuted minority community, my parents escaped a decades-long armed conflict in sri lanka. they arrived in tkaronto/toronto, the place where i was born and which i will always consider home. my lived experiences, and that of my elders and communities, ground and motivate my work.

my passion for storytelling is my greatest inheritance, birthed through a desire for generations of stories lost to us through war and displacement. i have a specific sense of responsibility, as the daughter of displaced people, to not only document and archive, but collectively reimagine a present and future we can have a say in. because of this, i try with all my heart to consistently deliver my work with care, thoughtfulness, and nuance.

life is a series of moments, some with the potential to change everything. my family’s arrival here was one of those moments. in my (he)artwork, i am interested in those moments, as well as what precedes and follows. coming-of-age stories often chart these moments of change for young people. but as a storyteller, i believe we are continuously "coming-of-age", not only within ourselves, but in communion with others. i am invested in exploring these moments through the lenses of curiosity, respect, and tenderness.

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